Danger of Mt. Fuji View
From Nippori Fujimizaka
Citizens Alliance to Save the Fuji-View (CASF)
3-7-6-304 Nishi-nippori
Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, 116-0013, JAPAN

--We will lose the last Fuji-view of Fujimizaka
among 16 traditional ones in central Tokyo!!-- This Home Page Since Jan. 26, 2000

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The purpose of our alliance
The view of Mt. Fuji from the Nippori Fujimi slope is the only remaining one among several views from historical spots in the central area of Tokyo city. In recent years, the problem of crisis of this scene is talked about. We piled up the petition of the spectacle maintenance and the reproduction to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, to other administrative organizations and to some apartment house development traders. They showed understanding about the importance of this scenery. However, to restrict the construction is in a difficult situation under the present law system. Therefore, in the spring of 2000, the left ridgeline in Mt. Fuji has been concealed by the apartment house construction in the Hongou street. On the other hand, the schoolhouse demolition was done in Toyo University along the old Hakusan street in the summer of 2001 and the right side of Mt. Fuji has become to be seen further widely from the Nippori Fujimi slope as a result. Views on 18 November, 2000 and 24 September 2001.

It is forecasted that such changes will occur in the future. So, for the inheritance of the scenic heritage, controlling height as low as possible in a high capacity district is indispensable. We need to devise an architectural plan and to utilize the system of moving the capacity, winning the understanding of landowners and the support of the administration.

We hope to regain the whole scenery of Mt. Fuji in the 21st century.

We, "Citizens Alliance to Save the Fuji-View (CASF)", are going to call an "Assembly for Watching Diamond Fuji" twice a year (the middle of November and the end of January) and to hold a "Fujimi Slope Forum" once a year. We have an intention to continue acting toward protection of the scenic heritege of the Nippori Fujimi slope hereafter, and we have a hope to obtain the understanding and the agreement of everyone.

President of CASF   Makoto Kaneko

Condominium under construction
Steel frame from Fujimizaka slope
At 18:00 on April 9, 2000
The right half built up to 13 story
From Fujimizaka in the morning on April 11, 2000
(Photo by Mr. Nobuyuki Nozawa)

Mt. Fuji and steel frame at 7:36 on April 22, 2000
13 story right and 10 story left half (Photo by Mr. Naofumi Nakajima)

Mt. Fuji and NKF building at 8:30 on June 4, 2000
(Photo by Mr. Naofumi Nakajima)

From Fujimizaka slope after the typhoon passed through, At 18:50 on July 8, 2000
(Photo by Mr. Naofumi Nakajima)

Mt. Fuji silhouetted at sunset
Jan. 29, 2000
From a cover of Arakawa-ku report
Jan. 1, 2000 issue
A banner "Want the NKK group to answer the social demand
and to save the Mt. Fuji-view from central Tokyo !!"
spreaded along the Fujimizaka slope
On May 14, 2000 when the steel frame
was completed up to 13 story
(Photo by Mr. Naofumi Nakajima)

Since the NKF's project of constructing a 13 story condominium came to our knowledge, we have asked both the developer and its parent company NKK to revise the construction plan, which gives an irretrievable damage to the Mt. Fuji view of Nippori Fujimizaka. We have seen a tremendous amount of news of newspapers, televisions, radios and magazines which report this sad affair. Here is a list of these reports, all of which are in Japanese but the following two "the Japan Times" reports.

News from the Japan Times, March 26, 2000

News from the Japan Times, April 14, 2000

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